Pen-Sam LivForsikringsaktieselskab

Pen-Sam LivForsikringsaktieselskab

Pensam is a competitive financial services group that offers flexible financial products to our customers in the pension, insurance and banking.

The main business areas are occupational pensions and pension, banking and insurance for private customers.

The total balance is almost 140 billion. kr. and the business comprises about 400,000 customers.

Pensam’s mission and vision


Pensam is a competitive financial services group that provides customers profits.


Pensam is known that we make the best employees and services available.
Therefore, customers that they have freedom of action, visibility and control over their financial affairs.
Pensam is financial profit
Being a customer of Pensam be about profit.
You are covered if you get sick, worn out, get injured or lose the ability to work. If one dies, the relatives are guaranteed a financial foundation to move forward. When you are old, you will have a sensible savings that provide greater financial leeway in the third age.
One can throughout life have an overview and freedom of action in everyday economy of a cheap and manageable bank.
Approximately 400,000 employees, who are employed by, among other municipalities, regions and private organizations have a labor market, a commitment to Pensam Bank or insurance policy in Pensam Insurance.

  Products and Services of Pen-Sam LivForsikringsaktieselskab

  • occupational pensions and pension
  •  banking and
  • insurance for private customers.

Contact of Pen-Sam LivForsikringsaktieselskab

Jørgen Knudsen Road 2
3520 Farum

Main Phone: Tel. 44 39 39 39