Lærernes Pension

Lærernes Pension

Teachers’ Pension was startade by the social partners in education two Provider pensions for teachers. Our aim skal one of the best pension funds. Our pension schemes sikre security for hver individual member and are based on collective, solidaric Principles.

Teachers’ Pension in numbers
  • 134,185 members than in 2014
  • Market value than 2014: 66000000000000 DKK
  • Return in 2014: 12.7%

Teachers’ Pension is a life insurance company som gir pension schemes for more than 130,000 teachers employed in Danish municipal and private primary and lower-secondary schools and in adult education.

Products and Services of Lærernes Pension

  • Life insurance.
  • pension  for teachers.

Contact of Lærernes Pension

Vandkunsten 12 | 1467 Copenhagen K


33 69 63 00