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Insurance Companies in Slovenia

Ergo Življenjska zavarovalnica dd

Ergo Življenjska zavarovalnica dd ERGO insurance in Slovenia, along with the the ERGO Life insurance company d.d. represents the the ERGO Group in Slovenia, which is part of the Munich RE Group and is considered one of the greatest undertakings in the global scale. The ERGO Group walked to the Slovenian market in 2005 with the branch insurance —-> Read Full Profile

Zavarovalnica Tilia, dd

Zavarovalnica Tilia, dd Zavarovalnica Tilia, d. d. provides insurance products and services, including life-insurance policies, car insurance policies, home insurance, and accident insurance policies. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Zavarovalnica Tilia, d. d. operates as a subsidiary of Pozavarovalnica Sava dd. Company name: Zavarovalnica Tilia, d. d. Head office: Seidlova —-> Read Full Profile

Modra zavarovalnica

Modra zavarovalnica Modra zavarovalnica is one of the most important providers of supplementary pension insurances in Slovenia. Supplementary pension insurance provides an additional level of social security for the time after retirement. Modra zavarovalnica carries on business in the life insurance group: manages four pension funds and two Guarantee Funds. In addition to managing mutual funds, offers pension annuities —-> Read Full Profile

Grawe zavarovalnica dd

Grawe zavarovalnica In all the years of its operation in Slovenia, the HAIRSTYLIST zavarovalnica d.d. has become an important provider of classic life and retirement insurance. Has developed a very successful collaboration with independent entrepreneurs and companies for representation and insurance mediation. Own agents network, cooperation with authorised agents and professional staff contribute to achieving planned results. The —-> Read Full Profile

Generali zavarovalnica dd

Generali zavarovalnica dd Generali Zavarovalnica d.d. offers insurance products. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in is a subsidiary of Generali Holding Vienna AG GENERALI zavarovalnica Ljubljana d.d. is A MEMBER OF GENERALI GROUP, one of the LARGEST WORLDWIDE INSURANCE GROUPS. By combining the efforts of our 380 EMPLOYEES, sales offices throughout the country, 130 —-> Read Full Profile