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ASSURIX SENEGAL The ECB includes all administrations involved in legal and administrative of creating your business procedures: The Directorate General of taxes and areas, The registry, The national agency of statistics and demography, Labor and social security Inspection. This device has reduced the period of creation of company of 58 days 48 hours in Senegal. The ECB (Business —-> Read Full Profile


ASSURANCES COURTAGE CONSEILS Ask yourself why you can buy any product online with a single click, but you can’t hire a photographer, a teacher, a general contractor or other professional service without a dozen telephone calls? We responded to this issue. The mission of StarOfService is considerably easier access to services, and at the same time, allowing the —-> Read Full Profile


ASSURANCE LA SECURITE The Federation Senegalese companies of insurance (FSSA) formerly known as the “Committee of the companies of insurances of the Senegal” appellation, created April 20, 1967, is an association bringing together insurance companies and with the Principal object of promoting insurance and to safeguard the interests of its members. As such, its missions are essentially: Product —-> Read Full Profile

ASSUR 2000

ASSUR 2000 Assure 2000 is an insurance company located in Senegal. Product and Services of ASSUR 2000 They provide insurance services. Contact of ASSUR 2000 To be updated shortly!


ASS (FAX) Product and Services of ASS (FAX) Contact of ASS (FAX)