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Insurance Companies Saudi Arabia

Saudi United Cooperative Insurance (WALA’A)

Saudi United Cooperative Insurance (WALA’A) WALA’A IS THE BRAND NAME OF SAUDI UNITED COOPERATIVE INSURANCE COMPANY. As a general insurer, we focus on clients and their business risks across a multitude of industries. When dealing with clients, we are dedicated to fully understanding all aspects of their business and analyzing all the risks involved. In turn, we provide —-> Read Full Profile

AMANA for Cooperative Insurance

AMANA for Cooperative Insurance AMANA, in Arabic language, means honesty and keeping covenant, which represents one of the solid foundations that Amana Cooperative Insurance Company relies on in planning its business strategy. The company adopted this definition as a principle of its culture for developing business in order to accomplish sustainable results for its shareholders on the long —-> Read Full Profile

Gulf general Insurance Company

Gulf general Insurance Company Gulf General Insurance Co (GGI) is a progressive public owned general Insurance company since 2009 with a capital of SR 200 Million. Serving the Corporate and individual markets, GGI provides a wide range of cooperative insurance products that provide better risk coverage combined with a customer experience which is friendly, reliable and efficient The —-> Read Full Profile

Ace Arabia Insurance Company

Ace Arabia Insurance Company Ace Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company, a Saudi Joint Stock Company, was established under Council of Minister’s decision number (133), dated 7/5/1429H, corresponding to12/5/2008, and Royal Decree No. M/22, dated 8/5/1429H. Corresponding to 13/5/2008, and licensed and regulated by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). The authorized and paid up capital of the Company is SR. —-> Read Full Profile

Malath Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Company

Malath Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Company Malath Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Co. was founded in 2007, and has since obtained the Commercial Registration issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Saudi public joint stock company with a capital of 300 million Saudi Riyals (U.S. $ 80 million). Malath continues to offer 47.48% of its shares —-> Read Full Profile