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Insurance Companies in Poland

Crédito Agrícola Vida

Crédito Agrícola Vida In 1998, the Agricultural Credit Group was its Life Insurance Insurance Company – CA Life. It was in order to meet the growing competitiveness of the financial market and to offer CA Group customers with a complete and integrated service that appeared on the market CA Life. It is on the theme of “Who wants —-> Read Full Profile

TU Europa SA

TU Europa SA ABOUT THE COMPANY For almost twenty years Europa Insurance Group has been creating innovative insurance policies to meet the needs of our most demanding clients and business partners. We are one of the insurance leaders in Poland and we specialise in insurances sold in cooperation with banks. Thanks to our employees’ passion and by constantly —-> Read Full Profile

Nordea Polska Tu na Życie SA

Nordea Polska Tu na Życie SA Nordea Group Nordea is the leading financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, the value of assets 668.7 billion. The Nordea Group has 800 branches and representative offices in 19 countries around the world, including Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium. It is also present in Poland. It serves —-> Read Full Profile

Compensa TU SA (Vienna Insurance Group)

Compensa TU SA (Vienna Insurance Group) Compensa TU SA Vienna Insurance Group Compensa TU SA Vienna Insurance Group operates on the Polish market since 1990. The company belongs to the Austrian group Vienna Insurance Group, a leading insurer in Central and Eastern Europe. ( ) The company provides comprehensive services for individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises —-> Read Full Profile

Gothaer Tu SA

Gothaer Tu SA History: The company was established in 1990 as Polskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A.. In 2011 PTU S.A. won an industry investor – German concern Gothaer, which holds 100% of company shares. Gothaer is a leader in the European insurance market. On 1 October 2012 Polskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. was renamed to Gothaer Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. and —-> Read Full Profile