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Worldwide Medical Assurance, Ltd

Worldwide Medical Assurance, Ltd Availability of affordable health insurance coverage is one of the advantages living in Panama offers its citizenery. Because of the existence in the country of a number of successful local insurance companies, and a few very strong international competitors, there is a great variety of insurance plans from which to choose. The most recent —-> Read Full Profile

Seguros FEDPA, S.A. (Profesa)

Seguros FEDPA, S.A. (Profesa) During the administration of Mr. Armando Terán Morales in FEDPA, RL, provisional authorization of the Superintendency of Insurance was obtained so that the Federation offered the services of Insurance to its affiliates through an insurance department. During this period, FEDPA entered into a Mutual Cradle Reinsurance Agreement for the affiliation of traditional Loan and —-> Read Full Profile

Seguros Constitución, S.A.

Seguros Constitución, S.A. They are an insurance company located in Panama. Product and Services of Seguros Constitución, S.A. They provide insurance services. Contact of Seguros Constitución, S.A. To be updated shortly!

Seguros BBA, Corp.

Seguros BBA, Corp. We are a group with more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector and more than 15 in the segment … Product and Services of Seguros BBA, Corp. They provide insurance services. Contact of Seguros BBA, Corp. Address: Calle 50, Edificio F & F Tower (El Tornillo), Piso 20. Phone: (+507) 830-2222


Sagicor Sagicor is a dynamic, indigenous Group which has been redefining financial services in the Caribbean. Following a carefully crafted business strategy, the company transformed from a local single-line life insurance company to a financial services group with a solid regional base, before expanding into the international financial services market. After the company demutualised in 2002, Sagicor Financial —-> Read Full Profile