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Insurance Companies in Morocco

MAMDA Insurance

About MAMDA Insurance Historically, MAMDA has been mainly active in the agricultural Insurance business. Through its sister company MCMA, the group MAMDA-MCMA caters to a larger pool of private and business users from the non-agricultural field, in regards to their various insurance needs ranging from auto and health to casulaty and property. Products and Services Of MAMDA Insurance; —-> Read Full Profile

CAT Insurance

About CAT Insurance CAT INSURANCE;CAT  means  Transportation of insurance company Leaders) : Bashir Baddou Dir. gen. Mr. Jamal Eddine Boukili Dir.gén.a. Mr. Mostapha Monassif Sec. gen. Abdelaziz Ghazali Dir. end. administration: Mohamed Hassan Bensalah President Products and Services Of CAT Insurance PRODUCT AND SERVICES; TRANSPORT ASSURANCE QUALITY, CLASSIFIED BUSINESS CERTIFICATION{ ENTERPRIS CETIFIED  ISO}   Contact Of CAT Insurance —-> Read Full Profile

Essaada Insurance

About Essaada Insurance INFORMATION WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLY   Products and Services Of Essaada Insurance   Contact Of Essaada Insurance  

Wafa Insurance

About Wafa Insurance Saudi Indian Company for Cooperative Insurance (Wafa Insurance) is a Saudi joint stock Company in accordance with Royal Decree No. (M/60) dated 18/09/1427H (corresponding to 11/10/2006G) and incorporated on 24/07/1428H (corresponding to 07/08/2007G)  ، promoted by: The New India Assurance Co. Ltd Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC International (Bahrain) Wafa Insurance is a composite Insurance —-> Read Full Profile

Sanad Insurance

About Sanad Insurance SANAD is an Arabic word signifying a binding contract protecting the rights of consenting parties. It also means support, help, aid, and collectivity. Our business strategies are built around this powerful word. Our vision is to be a leading provider of insurance services backed by exceptional service. A portion of our total profits generated are —-> Read Full Profile