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xlgroup At XL Catlin, we know the world needs risk to move forward. As the need to innovate drives you and your business, your risks grow ever more complex. Risk is our business. Our brand expresses how we think about risk. And our unique approach to it. Our brand also reflects our history—with an eye on the future. —-> Read Full Profile

African Risk Capacity Insurance Company

African Risk Capacity Insurance Company ARC’s mission is to use modern finance mechanisms such as risk pooling and risk transfer to create pan-African climate response systems that enable African countries to meet the needs of people harmed by natural disasters. The objective of the ARC Agency is to assist AU Member States to reduce the risk of loss —-> Read Full Profile

List of Insurance Companies In Mauritania

List of Insurance Companies In Mauritania This is a comprehensive List of insurance companies in Mauritania. There are several insurance companies in Mauritania dealing with all kinds and types of insurance like Home insurance,health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, life insurance etc. This insurance companies provides insurance policies that reduce the risk of life for all —-> Read Full Profile