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ASSURANCES ARO About Insurance “Whatever your field, trust us and we will offer you the best of INSURANCE” – With more than 20 years of experience in insurance with more than 60 products we are pleased to welcome you to our premises in ANTSAHAVOLA At 18, Rue JJ Rabearivelo BP: 1081 – 101 ANTANANARIVO. – Take advantage of —-> Read Full Profile


ASSURANCE URSAE MINORIS To be updated  shortly. Product and Services of ASSURANCE URSAE MINORIS To be updated  shortly. Contact of ASSURANCE URSAE MINORIS To be updated  shortly.


ASSURANCE SOFITRANS GROUPE The SOFITRANS Group has evolved in the field of transport and tourism since 1969, it is leader in several areas, including duty-free sales, airport catering, etc. Thanks to its long experience in these fields, SOFITRANS was able to acquire the know-how necessary for its various businesses. Its various activities concern: Airport services: Catering-Handling-Aircraft equipment Hotel —-> Read Full Profile


ASSURANCE SMABTP The SMABTP Group originated in a group of Parisian entrepreneurs set up in 1859. Its aim is to meet all the insurance needs of construction and public works professionals, be it their responsibilities, Of their property or of themselves. As a leader in its sector, the SMABTP Group represents a quarter of the national construction insurance —-> Read Full Profile


ASSURANCE NY HAVANA October 11, 1968, date of creation of NY HAVANA The first Insurance Company and Malagasy law marks the advent of National Insurance Sector in Madagascar. Incorporated limited company with a capital equivalent to 24,000,000 Ar current 50% owned by Foreign Insurance Companies of the era, NY HAVANA had its Headquarters Rue Jean Jaures in Ambatomena —-> Read Full Profile