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Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited

Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited The Company was licensed in Ghana in 2009 and commenced business on 27th April 2009 to underwrite General Insurance. Company is positioned to play a central role in the economic transformation and serve as catalysis for rapid economic. 2014 Articulated the first 5 year strategy with a clear objective of becoming ‘a top 2 —-> Read Full Profile

Regency Alliance Insurance Ghana Limited

Regency Alliance Insurance Ghana Limited Regency Alliance Insurance Ltd, Ghana emerged in 2007 as part of a leading Insurance Group whose operations span through the West and South Africa Sub-regions. The group provides critical financial solutions and risks management services. Its experience in various countries and knowledge of their Insurance markets made the group a leader in the —-> Read Full Profile

Provident Insurance Company Limited

Provident Insurance Company Limited he Provident Insurance Company (PIC) is a private Limited Liability company incorporated and was registered in Ghana in February, 1981. It commenced business in October 1982 on the principle of providing our policyholders with a near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible, and doing so at the lowest possible cost. —-> Read Full Profile

Priority Insurance Company Limited

Priority Insurance Company Limited PRIORITY INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (“PRIORITY”) is a wholly – owned Ghanaian Insurance company incorporated on the 8th day of September, 2011. PRIORITY has been licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC/NL/PRIO 025/12) to underwrite non-life insurance business in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Law, 2006, Act 724.  PRIORITY is a member of —-> Read Full Profile

Prime Insurance Company Limited

Prime Insurance Company Limited Prime was conceived by the Assemblies of God Professionals Network (AGPN) in 2004 to promote the habits of savings and investment among members of Assemblies of God, Ghana (AG). In 2006 nearly thirteen thousand persons, including some local ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Churches, subscribed to the shares of PRIME. With this large number, PRIME became —-> Read Full Profile