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OAAGC The then called “Cabinet d’Assurance de Cugnac” was founded in 1898. This was the era of Clément Ader, experimenting with flying using the Eole n°3 or of Santos Dumont with the first airship. Both were uninsured…In 1922, Gaspar de Cugnac created the “Office d’Assurances Aériennes” (O.A.A.). Amongst of his clients was one of the first public transport —-> Read Full Profile


GROUPAMA Groupama is an insurance company located in Gabon. Products and Services of GROUPAMA They provide insurance services such as mutual health,car insurance,health insurance etc! Contact of GROUPAMA 2, avenue de Limoges – CS 60001 – 79044 Niort Cedex 9 – 381 043 686 RCS Niort


EOS RISQ EOS RISQ is an international partnership of privately owned brokers – each a market leader in their country. We specialise in the placement of multinational insurance programmes and risk management services for European and global organisations. We provide product placement and account handling, claims services and expert advice for global risks in all major classes of —-> Read Full Profile


UAG LIFE With over 25 years of service to the nation, Union Assurance General is a household name in Sri Lanka. As one of Sri Lanka’s largest private provider of general insurance solutions, Union Assurance General Limited provides solutions that are tailored to providing the most comprehensive coverage to suit any and all needs. Life isn’t static: as —-> Read Full Profile


OGAR LIFEom Gabon Ogar Lifeom Gabon is an insurance company located in Gabon. Products and Services of OGAR LIFEom Gabon They provide insurance services. Contact of OGAR LIFEom Gabon Town center seaside BP 201 Libreville Email: Website: