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Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime Pacific Prime is an insurance advisor that offers local insurance solutions and a wide range of health plans and cover for individuals and families.Pacific Prime focuses on delivering local health insurance solutions as they tend to deliver better service standards and are compliant with local regulations. Offshore health insurers may offer the advantage of alternative solutions —-> Read Full Profile

AXA Assurances

AXA Assurances AXA is a French multinational insurance firm headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris that engages in global insurance, investment management, and other financial services. Products and Services of AXA Assurances house Home Ownership Home insurance Home Ownership Home insurance Home Ownership Insurance Home insurance syndic / condominium association mobile applications Improve your driving with AXA —-> Read Full Profile


Amerga Amerga is also the assurance of a partnership with leading reinsurers and partners (Zep-Re, Africa Re ……) to meet your specific needs. In 2000, the Government of the Republic of Djibouti implemented the National Insurance Code. It is in this context that was created Amerga November 15, 2001, SA share capital of 7 million francs Djibouti (or —-> Read Full Profile

List of Insurance Companies In Djibouti

List of Insurance Companies In Djibouti This is a comprehensive List of insurance companies in Djibouti. There are several insurance companies in Djibouti dealing with all kinds and types of insurance like Home insurance,health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, life insurance etc. This insurance companies provides insurance policies that reduce the risk of life for all —-> Read Full Profile