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Insurance Companies in Czech Republic

Pojišťovna České spořitelny, a.s.

Pojišťovna České spořitelny, a.s. Czech Savings Bank Insurance Company continues its marketing activities “Flex twice as much.” More favorable terms once again supports the negotiation of insurance of serious risks – death, permanent disability and serious illness and injury. Newly made available negotiation risks in action not only to new and existing clients. The flagship of insurance – —-> Read Full Profile

Triglav pojišťovna, a.s.

Triglav pojišťovna, a.s. Since June 2015 Triglav performs under the name of old-new Direct, which took over the investment group VIGO Investments. DIRECT insurance company specializing in life insurance for people and for businesses. Insure you car, property, liability, as well as trips abroad. DIRECT insurance company entered the Czech market in 2007 with the insurance by telephone —-> Read Full Profile

angl. Servisní pojišťovna a.s.

angl. Servisní pojišťovna a.s. Products and services of angl. Servisní pojišťovna a.s. Contact angl. Servisní pojišťovna a.s. THIS INSURANCE COMPANY IS NO MORE IN OPERATION


PRVNÍ AMERICKO – ČESKÁ POJIŠŤOVNA, a.s.   Insurance company MetLife launched in the fall of 1992 as one of the first universal insurance companies with one hundred percent foreign capital in the Czech Republic as the First US-CZECH INSURANCE, Inc. Its founder was ALICO (American Life Insurance Company), a public company was introduced on the market under the —-> Read Full Profile

Pojišťovna Slavia a.s.

Pojišťovna Slavia a.s. Slavia has its roots very closely associated with the beginnings of insurance in the country. It continues the successful tradition of one of the oldest and most prominent financial institutions – Mutual, capitals and pensions insuring bank Slavia. Fundamentals of insurance companies were laid in 1868, during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The new —-> Read Full Profile