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Insurance Companies In Costa Rica

Seguros Bolivar

Seguros Bolivar The Bolivar Group is a multi-country business group with more than 70 years of existence, made up of companies from different sectors: the financial sector, the insurance sector, the construction sector, among others, which enjoy the highest level of recognition In the market due to its solidity, tradition and its strict adherence to the legislation that —-> Read Full Profile


Qualitas An insurance broker is a person who acts as an intermediary of several insurance companies, without being exclusively linked to any of them, marketing insurance contracts to their clients. In the Anglo-Saxon world it is known as a broker. Unlike the insurance agent, contractually linked to and working for a single insurance company, the broker can market —-> Read Full Profile

Pan American Life

Pan American Life The entry of Pan-American Life into Costa Rica in 2010 was a natural step that supported the geographic development and the strategic plan of the company in Latin America. Pan-American Life is the main provider of individual and group life and health insurance in Central America. Pan-American Life was the first company in the region —-> Read Full Profile


Mapfre We are an insurance company with a strong regional presence and dedicated to providing products and services oriented to meet your needs. Our market is mainly oriented in Spain, Europe and Latin America. In addition, the Group is present in the United States and Turkey. The product portfolio covers all areas of the insurance business. We have —-> Read Full Profile


INS The National Insurance Institute (INS) was established by Act No. 12, on 30 October 1924 and took part in its creation Lic. Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno, President of the Republic, who began his second administration (1924-1928), and Lic. Tomás Soley Güell, Secretary of Finance and Commerce, project manager.   In the beginning National Bank Insurance was named in —-> Read Full Profile