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Insurance Companies In Cape Verde

Garantia S.A

Garantia S.A Leader in the national insurance market GARANTIA is directed to the exploration of life and non-life sectors, presenting a diverse range of protection solutions for individuals, companies and professionals. Distinguished for five years as the brand that most trustworthy Cape Verdeans, we have taken a multi-channel strategy in the distribution of our products, which allows us —-> Read Full Profile


IMPAR Today, the country’s financial and economic horizon allows us to capitalize on our know-how in partnership relationships supported by rigor and management transparency, with a view to capitalizing and consolidating the Company’s solidity.It all started with a challenge launched in 1991 to a group of national investors, led by Entrepreneur Augusto Vasconcelos Lopes, the challenge of starting —-> Read Full Profile

Sociedade Cabo-Verdiana de Seguros (IMPAR)

Sociedade Cabo-Verdiana de Seguros (IMPAR) IMPAR, Companhia CaboVerdiana de Seguros, is the first fully private financial institution to be born in Cape Verde. Given the specificities and shortcomings of the market at that time, the Company positioned itself as a partner of great importance for the development of the country’s economy, bringing the added value sought to safeguard —-> Read Full Profile

List of Insurance Companies In Cape Verde

List of Insurance Companies In Cape Verde This is a comprehensive List of insurance companies in Cape Verde. There are several insurance companies in Cape Verde dealing with all kinds and types of insurance like Home insurance,health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, life insurance etc. This insurance companies provides insurance policies that reduce the risk of —-> Read Full Profile