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Insurance Companies In Cambodia

Prevoir Kampuchea Micro life Insurance

Prevoir Kampuchea Micro life Insurance Created in 1910, PRÉVOIR Group is a French independent insurance group, specialized in life insurance, whose main purpose is the protection and safekeeping of low and middle-income families. The holding company is a patrimonial company, independent of any bank or financial institution, with a total shareholder capital of EUR 528.3 million in 2013. —-> Read Full Profile

Infinity Insurance

Infinity Insurance Driving business to success entails the ability to manage risks and changes. Infinity Insurance empowers businesses to transform risks into opportunities and sustainable progress. As a fully capitalized insurer in Cambodia, we are committed to taking risks on behalf of our clients so they are free to focus on things that really matter to their businesses. —-> Read Full Profile

Forte Insurance

Forte Insurance Pure Dedication & Unrivalled Services Forte Insurance is dedicated to providing exceptionally comprehensive and efficient insurance services to all our clients, while ensuring the continued growth and training of our staff and assisting in the development of the insurance market in Cambodia. Over the years, our unparalleled expertise in the field of insurance has allowed us —-> Read Full Profile

Campubank Lonpac Insurance plc

Campubank Lonpac Insurance plc Since our incorporation on 15th August 2007, we continue to strengthen our presence in Cambodia with a wide range of general insurance products. Campu Lonpac Insurance Plc is a joint-venture of Cambodian Public Bank Plc, Public Bank Berhad and LPI Capital Bhd in Malaysia. The strategic partnership taps on the strength of Cambodian Public —-> Read Full Profile


Caminco Cambodian National Insurance Company (CAMINCO), the first state-owned insurance company in Cambodia, was officially established in 1990 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In the mid June 1993, it had started its operations in Cambodian market. In 1996, four companies have been appointed as agent of CAMINCO such as Indochine Insurance Union (1996-2004), PANA Trading Cambodia —-> Read Full Profile