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Group Verbaet

Group Verbaet 1949 Maurice Verbaet Founding of the one-man business Maurice Verbaet-Smeets and take-over of the insurance portfolio of deceased brother Jacques Verbaet. 1956 Founding of the insurance company De Verenigde Automobilisten insuring only Legal assistance for motor vehicles. 1960 Maurice Verbaet-Smeets neon sign Turnover in commissions of 1,8 mio BEF (45.000 EUR) – Premium volume exceeds 10 —-> Read Full Profile


Ethias A mutual insurance association is created by its members and operates for its members. Although our legal form has evolved over time, we remain imbued with this philosophy that we have translated in the slogan “the efficient insurer”, i.e. to act efficiently for the well-being of our policyholders and our staff members. In 1919, a group of —-> Read Full Profile

FB Brokerage

 FB Brokerage FB Brokerage is the insurance broker of Fortis Bank and specialized in Risk management – Insurances – Brokerage – Safety – Prevention – Advice – Risk – Corporate insurance – Companies – Industrial accidents – Savings plan – Pension – Employee benefit – Hospitalisation – Care of the sick, etc. It offers life and non-life insurances —-> Read Full Profile


 Concordia Concordia SA has been active in the business segment. For our larger national and international customers we offer our departmental structure. Such a structure provides the facility to be able to rely on multilingual experts in various insurance fields. What sets us apart from other players? In a globalized world it is important to offer international insurance —-> Read Full Profile

D’Hondt Kerckhof & Partners

 D’Hondt Kerckhof & Partners ince 1976, the name Kerckhof is an insurance concept in Flanders. Following the acquisition the line is drawn through the family D’Hondt in 1992 with a strong growth as a result. Our vision. Insurance is a profession that is practiced by specialists. Our enthusiastic team of around 38 people has all the technical knowledge —-> Read Full Profile