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Insurance Companies in Albania

VIG Insurance group

VIG Insurance group Vienna Insurance Group is proud of its approximately 190 years of history and tradition. The Company has grown from a local insurance company into one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The Company name has thus contained a reference to the city of Vienna since 1898. Even today, the —-> Read Full Profile


Sicred SiCRED sh.a. was founded on October 7, 2003, being the first and the only private insurance company in Albania, with 100 % local capital and accredited to operate in the Life Insurance field. The Company operates in full accordance with the legal obligations and regulatory framework, based on the Authorization to operate as an insurance company No. —-> Read Full Profile


Insig Insurance Institute SA (INSIG SA) is the first insurance company and only in the history of the development of the Albanian insurance market, which played an indispensable role in the creation, development and consolidation of this industry in the economy of the country. Insurance Institute SA (INSIG SA) carries out its activity in the field of insurance. —-> Read Full Profile

Sigal Life

Sigal Life    Sigal founded on 22 February 1999, immediately after liberalization of the insurance market in Albania. Sigal UNIQA Group Austria is the company’s biggest insurance in Albania under the structure of which operate their insurer 8 successful company insurance: Sigal UNIQA (Albania, Non-Life), Sigal Life UNIQA (Albania, Life), Sigal UNIQA Kosova (Kosovo, non-life), Sigal UNIQA —-> Read Full Profile

List of Insurance Companies In Albania

List of Insurance Companies In Albania This is a comprehensive List of insurance companies in Albania. There are several insurance companies in Albania dealing with all kinds and types of insurance like Home insurance,health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, life insurance etc. This insurance companies provides insurance policies that reduce the risk of life for all —-> Read Full Profile