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Insurance Companies in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Insurance Authority

Afghanistan Insurance Authority The history of insurance industry in Afghanistan starts with a general insurance company from year 1963 by a governmental insurance company named “Afghan National Insurance Company” (ANIC). In 1974 first insurance law implemented in the country and in years 1979 and 1989 some articles  in the insurance law of Afghanistan has emendate and after final —-> Read Full Profile

Insurance corporation Of Afghanistan

Insurance corporation Of Afghanistan Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan (ICA) was established in 2007 in response to the demand for an officially licensed and capitalised private multi-line insurance company, meeting the insurance needs of companies operating in this country. ICA offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective commercial insurance solutions, providing business risk protection for multi-national and Afghan companies in —-> Read Full Profile

Afghan Global Insurance

Afghan Global Insurance Information about the Afghan Global insurance   AGI in Afghanistan As part of the AGI Group, AGI in the Afghanistan profits from financial strength and stability that gives us a significant competitive advantage. Present in the region for more than 5 years, AGI is the largest insurer in Afghanistan AGI offers support and expert advice —-> Read Full Profile