About BSO

Bosnia-Sun Insurance Company Sarajevo, part-BSO, operates under this name since 01.01.2007. year, while within Agram Company operates since 2004. The development policy of the Company is based on the formation of a stable portfolio and expanding sales networks, with high-quality and competitive service.
BSO is today a strong brand in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina who is always ready to provide its clients fast, comprehensive and quality service at the most acceptable conditions and preferences. The offer of the BSO has a mandatory and comprehensive motor insurance, property insurance, transport insurance, liability insurance, travel health insurance, life insurance and health insurance.
As a modern company, BSO monitors all global development trends in order to further close its services to potential policyholders and attention on the purpose and the need to ensure the life of the man of today.

Branch Sarajevo

Branch Director: Clear Frljak
Address: Market International Friendship 20, 71000 Sarajevo
Contact: tel. 033 755 468, fax. 033755500

Director of damage: Marina Miocic – Hamidović
Azize Šaćirbegović 10, 71000 Sarajevo
Contact: tel. 033 720 500, fax. 033720501

Organization Company

Management of the company

CEO’s Pervan.


Association with the level of the Board operates through four sectors in accordance with the basic functions or groups of tasks:

SALE Motor TPL & Collision, Persons & Property
CLAIMS Domestic and International
FINANCE Accounting, Controlling & Revision
INFORMATION System jobs, Programmer jobs

Products and Services Of BSO

BSO offers varieties of insurance policies including;

Property insurance;

  • family package
  • buy IT

Safety insurance;

  • health isurance
  • life i nsurance
  • buy VHI

Other insurance;

  • passenger
  • transport
  • person
  • responsibility

Contact Of BSO

Free info phone: 0800 200 50