Astree Insurance

Astree Insurance

Background and introduction

Astrée was set up in 1949, with 65 years under the belt.
Astrée is a public limited company, listed and endowed with a capital of 20MD.
Astrée is a Multi-Line insurance company.

Since its establishment, Astrée has been involved in an ongoing development process targeting its insurance products with a view to meeting the changing needs of its Corporate as well as its Personal policyholders, through a range of  diverse, tailor-made and extensive insurance offers.

The high quality of its partners, both its shareholding –due to its membership in the bank group « Banque de Tunisie », the participation of French insurer Group (GACM) in its capital- and its technical partners- by establishing an alliance with internationally renowned  reinsurers-  coupled with the soundness of its financial ratios, have provided Astrée with opportunities to be well-positioned in the insurance market and to act as a privileged partner/ key contact  for potential customers.

Key figures in 2015

  • Turnover: 125,091 MD
  • Return on equity/turnover: 83,62%
  • Average share price at 31/12/2015 : 51,766 D (Nominal 5D)
  • Astrée staff members: 190
  • Distribution channels: 1 Central Agency, 71 Agencies and 37 Brokers.


Products and services of Astree Insurance

My family & Me:

  • Protection insurance.
  • Health.
  • Daily life Accidents.
  • Travel.

My property/ My Assets:

  • Car.
  • Home.
  • Computer hardware/equipment.
  • Boat.

My Money:

  • Savings.
  • Pension & Retirement Savings.
  • Loan coverage.
  • My children’s Future.

Professional Services:

  • Corporate business & Professionals.
  • Construction Professionals.
  • Farmers Space.

Contact of Astree Insurance

Address: 45, Avenue Kheireddine Pacha, PB 780 TUNIS Cedex
Phone: (+216) 71 90 42 11