Allianz Hellas

Allianz Hellas

“Allianz recognizes its moral responsibility and stands up to its history. Our goal has always been to ensure that the best interests of Holocaust survivors, their families and heirs remain at the center of our efforts. This is why we have at all times remained committed to the expeditious and fair settlement of all valid claims.”

Henning Schulte-Noelle, in 1997, then CEO of Allianz AG

Allianz 1933 – 1945 People at Allianz and the Insurance Business under the Fascist Regime: Key Aspects of Allianz’s History during the Era of National Socialism

› Overview: Allianz and the German Economy during the Nazi Period

› Employees: People in the Company

› Pogroms: The Night of the Broken Glass and the insurance industry

› “Aryanization”: The elimination of the Jewish population from economic life

› World War II: Allianz’s business activities in World War II

› War legacy: Aftermath of war – destruction and blame

› Compensation: Beginnings of reparation after 1945

Life insurance policies

The story from confiscation to compensation

› Expropriation: The expropriation of Jewish life insurance policies

› Compensation: Handling of life insurance policies to the Present Day

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