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Achmea’s roots lie in Achlum 1811. Ulbe Piers Draisma wanted to provide insurance coverage to 39 farmers and established citizens in order to protect their properties against fire. The co-operative principle was essential to his business plan. What happened when a farm burnt down? The farmer and his family went bankrupt. This new insurance organization served the farmers who wanted to insure their properties against this risk of fire.
Do you want to know more about how Achmea evolved, in more than 200 years, into the insurance company it is today? Our company merged with like-minded insurers sharing the same co-operative background. Please explore our timeline.

Achmea is a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands. We provide our customers with Health, Life and Non-life insurance. We serve about half of all Dutch households. Which insurance products do you need? Which insurance meets your expectations? How do we keep your premium affordable and make sure you can easily understand what our products have to offer? We help you make better informed decisions about your health, risks and financial future.

Largest insurer in the NetherlandsEstablished in 1811, today Achmea is the largest insurance provider
in the Netherlands. Non-life, Health and Income Protection insurance products are core competences. From its leading position inthe Dutch market, the insurance group positions itself internationally as an innovative player in selected markets, including Turkey,Greece, Slovakia, Ireland and with partner Rabobank in Australia.Europe’s top 10 in Non-life
Based on written premiums, Achmea ranks within the top 20 of largestEuropean insurance companies and within the top 10 looking only at.
its core competency of Non-life. Achmea also is the third largest mu-tual insurer in Europe and one of the largest worldwide. In line with itsstrategy for the Netherlands, internationally Achmea focuses on Non-
life and Health insurance, and products related to Income Protection.Distribution ChannelsInsurance products are primarily delivered, directly to customers viathe internet and (mobile) telephone, through bancassurance withpartner Rabobank and via the broker channel. Depending on thedistribution channel, various well known brands are available to customers to choose from. Besides its home country, Achmea is activein five other countries.StakeholdersIn total about 13 million customers choose Achmea for their insurance or pension in The Netherlands and internationally. Achmea
employs almost 13,000 FTE’s in the Netherlands and some 2,500.
Active in 6 countries, Achmea is the holding company for a group of strong, successful insurance brands. Within our organisational structure, these brands are managed by operating companies. Each operating company has deep understanding of its local market and target audience, and is extremely customer-focused. Achmea provides support by, among other activities, facilitating the exchange of skills and experience across the Group. Go to the websites of our international brands for more information:

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