SIGMA Vienna Insurance Group Sh.a

SIGMA Vienna Insurance Group Sh.a

With a premium volume of approximately EUR 9.7 billion in 2012 and 24,000 employees, Vienna Insurance Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Innovation, strong customer relationships and an emphasis on customer service create a high quality product portfolio offering attractive solutions in both the life and non-life insurance segments.

VIG’s clearly focused strategy for expansion in the CEE region enabled it to make a transition from being an Austrian insurance company to an international group at an early stage. Today, VIG is represented by approximately 50 insurance companies in 24 countries. VIG stands for financial stability, and offers a high level of security to customers, shareholders, partners and employees. One of the key reasons is its conservative investment policy. This is reflected in its A+ rating with a stable outlook, which makes Vienna Insurance Group the best-rated company in the ATX leading index of the Vienna Stock Exchange. VIG has also been listed on the Prague Stock Exchange since 2008.

Product and Services of SIGMA Vienna Insurance Group Sh.a

Products and services are:

  1. Liability insurance
  2. Personal insurance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Property insurance
  5. Homeowners insurance
  6. Travel insurance
  7. Engineering insurance

Contact of SIGMA Vienna Insurance Group Sh.a

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Phone: +381 38 246301