Seguros Provincial, CA

Seguros Provincial, CA

BBVA Seguros Provincial, CA, has the experience and image of a prestigious international corporation, and an excellent management team that responds satisfactorily to the insurance needs of all our clients. It was born in 2000 when Seguros La Metropolitana CA and Seguros Lara merged, beginning Banca-Seguros operations, with the wide network of office and financial products offered by BBVA Provincial, our main ally.

Emphasizing the development of a franchise with its own identity in Insurance, the BBVA Group consolidates its operation in Venezuela, taking into account the knowledge and practices handled by the insurance franchise in all regions where we are present (Spain, Latin America, North America and Turkey).

Among the contributions to insurance services in Venezuela, it is worth highlighting the fact that it has made available to a large group of Venezuelans, life insurance, a branch highly sensitive to guarantee the well-being of the Venezuelan family, but little spread and commercialized in our country.

The presence of BBVA Seguros Provincial, CA, in the insurance industry in Venezuela is of a long-term vision. In this sense, we are making great efforts and investments to keep our product catalog up to date in order to offer a range of possibilities that satisfy the changing and growing needs of our customers, we are in permanent review of our processes, in order to guarantee the high Standards of quality to which we have committed.

With our presence in the field of Life, we have managed to reach a segment of the market that for years was neglected in insurance, a segment highly sensitive to the well-being of the Venezuelan family.

Product and Services of Seguros Provincial, CA

  • Individual life insurance
  • Financial expenses
  • Funeral expenses

Contact of Seguros Provincial, CA

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c) Free Casillero Group No. CCS-5085 ZOOM