“RESO” Insurance company supports the development of civil society in the development of the insurance market and insurance culture.

“RESO” insurance company offers its customers the following types of insurance of financial risks, property, health, vehicle and liability insurance. We focus our time and punctual fulfillment of obligations to clients and increase the level of customer satisfaction by providing quality services to our agents, customers turn to again and again.

Therefore, regular trainings are organized for raising the level of professionalism of our staff, using the experience and knowledge of the company’s founder, where the agent is done at a high level and is intended for practical implementation.


Our company aims to be the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s leading apahavagrakan Company.

We believe that the company’s insurance agents are the face, which is why we have created the basic school insurance agents in the manufacture of high-quality professionals with good communication skills. Due to the shape of our school wide agent network, which provides high efficiency and individual approach to each client. This increases the customer’s confidence in the insurance services and contribute to its spread.

And here, too, we want to always be the first to reach a level training for insurance agents to our trained experts are in demand throughout the insurance community of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

RESO” Insurance CJSC was established in 2008. On November 10, the Central Bank has issued a license to non-life insurance.

“RESO” Insurance CJSC is a member of the “RESO Group” . “RESO Group” was established in 2004 and today includes more than 20 companies that operate in Russia and the CIS insurance, pension and leasing sectors.

“RESO” Insurance is affiliated with the Russian “RESO-Garantia” Insurance OJSC. In turn, the Russian “RESO-Garantia” Insurance OJSC shareholders are the French AXA- (36.6%), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( 10%), while 54.4% of shares belong to Sergey and Nikolai Sarokisov origin.

“RESO” name is an acronym that means the Russian-European insurance company (Русско-Европейское страховое общество):

The company is the market leader in a number of indicators: 2012-2013 by policyholders especially highly valued RESO’s activities in the health insurance industry.

The company also regularly takes part in social, charitable and social projects.

“RESO” team winner environmental programs “aimed at the participation of the private sector. Business Run 2013 “competition-marathon.

“RESO” Insurance CJSC recognized Best Insurance Company of the Year health insurance and worth the pain “Star of Hope” award in the “Star of Hope” National Award in -2013- The solemn ceremony


Products and Services of “RESOCJSC”

“RESOCJSC” offers the following  product and services;

  • CTP
  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Civil liabilities insurance

Contact of “RESOCJSC”

Contact Us

“RESO” Insurance company open to hear your objections and suggestions. You can contact us by visiting the company’s central office as well as calling the hotline around the clock.

Central office: Str. Yerevan, 0014, av. 62 p., 93-93 / 1.

Tel: +374 60 27 57 57

Too. mail: info@reso.am