P.T.A – Sudan.

P.T.A – Sudan.

P.T.A – Sudan. is an insurance company in Sudan that provides insurance services.

,P.T.A – Sudan provides all Property and Liability insurance policies, including Motor (third party/comprehensive), Marine (cargo, hull), Goods- in-transit,, Money insurance, Fidelity Guarantee, Fire & Allied perils, Burglary & housebreaking insurance, Industrial All risk insurance, Engineering insurance (CAR, CPM, EAR), Public liability, Group Personal Accident and Medical insurance among others.
In early 2013,P.T.A – Sudan expanded its product range by introducing Medical insurance throughout South Sudan by partnering with Fidelity Life of Zimbabwe. It has also introduced Political Violence & Terrorism cover in June 2014.It continues to explore needs which are not met to design relevant products which are needed by the market.
The head office of,P.T.A – Sudan is in Nimra Talata, Block 1, Juba. ,P.T.A – Sudan has various branches/contact offices throughout the Republic of South Sudan through which it spreads its services to the general public.
,P.T.A – Sudan is owned by Wawat Securities of the Republic of South Sudan and a minority shareholding from the National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea Share Company.
,P.T.A – Sudan is supported by first class rated reinsurers led by Munich Re as well as Africa Re, Zep Re (PTA Re) and prominent reinsurance brokers such as J.B. Boda Co. Ltd, Afro-Asian insurance & reinsurance brokers and CK Re of London.
The head office of the ,P.T.A – Sudan boasts a dedicated V-Sat and accesses online support of its operations through a renowned insurance software provider in London, Morning Data Ltd.
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Head Office
Nimra Talata, Block 1, P.O.Box 260, Juba, Republic of South Sudan

Tel. +211 (0)957123678, +211 (0)977123678, +211 (0)955 955 000
E-mail: nesi@nesico.com

Website: www.nesico.com