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Generali Argentina, Cía de Seguros, SA

Generali Argentina, Cía de Seguros, SA

The insurance company Generalli Argentina, has been working in our country since 1948, when, through the purchase of Providencia SA, it is incorporated into the general insurance market of our country. The development of the company continued growing, as well as its participation in the market, until 1994 in which, due to the new needs of the country, as well as of the change in the economic conditions, it led it to adapt through the Adoption of the current name, and through the installation of its two main lines of work; Generalli property insurance and Generalli life insurance.

Among the main advantages of working with the services of this company, in addition to its extensive network of brokers and insurance producers throughout the country, is the possibility of having the services of a company with international support, a proven Solidity, with a real presence in our country, through its customer service offices, and all the products that the market demands today, provided by highly trained human resources to give you the best experience in obtaining your insurance policy. Insurance. As for its insurance offer, we can say that the company Generalli Argentina, offers for the segments individuals, SMEs, large companies, and that we can know more about the benefits available to you by contacting us at 0800 999 3003.
In terms of services for people, we can access benefits for car insurance, home insurance, personal accident insurance, and for luxury boats, all suited to the needs of the customer, and with very advantageous commercial conditions. In terms of insurance for SMEs, these include the possibility of having coverage for consortia, fleets of vehicles, trade and industry, and life insurance.

The coverage for large companies, where appropriate, gives us the possibility to opt for life insurance for employees, comprehensive insurance for commerce or industry, fire insurance and allied risks, coverage for the transport of goods, which currently Has become a critical issue in our country, covering all risks for property, general liability insurance, among others, which make the offer is very broad and adaptable to the particular needs that each client possesses. To know more about the options and details of these policies we can communicate to the detailed telephone numbers above to get closer to the branch or producer closest to our home, or to inquire more about the options offered in its website.

Through the insurance provider of our site, you will also be able to know quickly the prices of the main coverages that this company offers. In the case of being a third party making a claim against this company, for a loss in which one of its insured is involved, we suggest you use these same communication channels which also support claims claims, and offer you the way Faster to compensate the damage caused, and to have the best conditions to overcome the consequences of the incident in which he was involved. We remind you that your central house is located at Av. Córdoba 1324 Piso 8 ° Oficina A, (C1055AQ) C.A.B.A.

Product and Services of Generali Argentina, Cía de Seguros, SA

Products and services offered sre:

Motorcycles for sale Generali

If the Insurance Motorcycle Generali seem a feature that can be exploited in our favor, then we have a possibility to be closer to the best features that exist in insurance, and also take advantage of this relatively new market of insurance in our Country, which has exploded with the increase of motorcycles in circulation, and therefore it will be interesting that we try to always use in our favor, and consider the proposals of other companies, but knowing that if we do not want risks in all These benefits, then the company to consider is the one that does not occupy in this publication. We can also know that we have insurance of the highest quality, if we use the proposals that in these issues bring us the best companies in the country, such as this, which provides us, depending on the model of our forest, a lot of options With which to use the best solutions, and in this way, be prepared for all the proposals that we need to master in these cases, and have all these issues dominated by the importance with which it counts, which makes us unable to stop being Attentive to the variables that present us.

It is also important to note about the Insurance Motorcycle Generali, which have a variety of policies, insurance for this vehicle class, similar to that of four – wheeled vehicles, which is one of the complaints of bike owners , Especially those that have a value a little higher than the average, and therefore need a policy much more complete than a simple against third party, or civil liability, and the market in many of these situations denies the possibility To be able to access them, with all the complications that we know that these issues in the future can cause and how we can act in these situations to be prepared, and have alternatives that allow us the best solution at all these times. For something, people are turning to the possibilities offered by this company, which ensures that we always have an option as we need, and that helps us to determine exactly what is the proposal we need in these cases , To have a solution to all the complex situations that occur.

For all these issues is that our site, can not help but give solutions to the increasingly frequent problems in which a motorcycle is involved because these are problems in which one can not be completely calm because a motorcycle, Has high probabilities, according to the official statistics of being able to have a sinister at any moment of its useful life. For this reason , and because the Insurance Motorcycle Generali, are not an unattainable for most of us service is that we face a number of possibilities that we consider, among which we commented that one of the most interesting is the proposal by article insurers that it gives you an advantage over your competitors, so you always have a way to aspire to the best solutions at all times, and have an option to access the best services.

Calculate General Insurance

Company Insurance Generali has more than 60 years in the national market, offering high quality products, commitment and experience. But Seguros Generali is not only present in Argentina, but it is found in more than 60 countries and with more than 70 million customers around the world. This makes Generali Insurance Company a serious company and preferred by people who want to contract quality insurance.

To calculate Generali Insurance, should know that this company offers its products for three types of market: individual insurance, insurance for insurance SMEs and large companies.

In the market of people offers insurance for the car, for the home, personal accidents and for boats. For you to calculate your insurance Generali for the car should note the make , model, and year of manufacture of your vehicle, as well as special (motor, number of doors, if you have central locking, alarm, characteristics etc. ). Also the price is conditioned to the province, city or locality where the insurance is contracted. Others to calculate insurance Generali must know and know what type of coverage he wants to hire for his car, since Generali offers: “A” coverage that is the basic; Coverage “B” covering total vehicle damage; Coverage “C” against third parties, differentiating three types; And coverage “D” which covers all risks. Due to the facts and imprudences that is committed behind the wheel in Argentina, it is recommended to hire insurance as complete as possible, since the possibility of having a loss, whether mild or severe, are high; So we must protect the car with the best coverage. In this case it is advisable to contract the cover “C” against third parties since it covers glass, windshield, rear window and car replacement; Or the one that is the best coverage, the all risk that covers damages caused with guilt, such as those that happen by parking it in a beach or garage.

If you want to calculate insurance Generali, you can make approaching a branch or by calling the headquarters in Buenos Aires (011) 4857 7942. you can also do online either on their website or through search engine cotizador where Must complete with the data and characteristics of the car and with just a click will have the quotes of the most important companies in the country.

Generali Insurance Quote

As we can do to get the best response in terms of insurance , without having to spend a lot of morning inquiring about all these possibilities in insurance companies, without having to reject offers a lot of insurance brokers, which deal Of selling us the services of the company they represent? One of the possible answers with which we have , is through cotizador insurance Generali, which is a powerful tool that will allow us in a very short time, to access the most popular proposals, which guarantee that will be the That we are looking for, no matter in which area or province of the country we are, and that in this way will give us the best options, to be able to get everything we need in our country in insurance, with the best comfort, and doing Much of the process from the comfort of our device with internet access, no matter what it is. Remember we discussed some issues that react with this article, and whose review we recommend the following good insurance , that will serve to clarify a little stained glass all these issues importance in our country.

Continuing the theme of insurance quoter Generali, will also say, it is important to bear in mind that whenever we have to consider insurance for a grounder, we must take into account how difficult the situations that may occur In our country, cir5culando by the routes and streets of the same, with the possibility that before some sinister in which we have no responsibility we can claim repairs, which in most cases do not have to do with our guilt, or To be more legally correct, they did not have any mischief on our part, but that anyway, and due to a custom of failing in favor of the smaller vehicle, in cases of judicial sentence, is that we will have to face. Therefore, it is recommended that your main concern when handling any kind of road, whether it has all the security measures up to date, including all those required in a legal manner, such as insurance by Civil liability against third parties, which will undoubtedly be one of the most important and one of the ways we have to be able to get rid of these responsibilities in a joint way.

To end the issue of insurance quoter Generali, we will tell you a quotation insurance works similarly to the price of any other service way in which we will have to enter the parameters of the service we desire to be us closer or price Appropriate for the same, and in the event that it coincides with what we consider appropriate, we can adhere to the services consulted, from our house, and saving a great amount of time in the processes which without doubts will be one of the main advantages And attractive that this kind of tools can offer us, and that will allow us to carry out all the steps we need without having to invest a great deal of time in them but getting excellent services anyway.

Insurances La Estrella

La Estrella SA Company Insurance Retirement, is the first company that operated in the retirement insurance market in Argentina. Since its inception this company has been characterized by a high level of professionalism that has made it one of the most serious and effective companies in the market. Talking about La Estrella Seguros is synonymous with quality and experience, as it provides its members with clarity and soundness in fund management.

Seguros La Estrella, today no specializes in the automotive field, but according to experts, in the future could extend its services to this particular branch. If you are looking for insurance of this branch, ie the automotive, enter the Online Insurance Quotator and Comparator of elMejorTrato.com, where you can quote insurance for your car quickly and easily.

The steps are easy, enter the named search engine, and then access to fill a brief form with the data of your car. This information will be taken as a basis for the insurance quote. The data you are asked to enter are the make and model of the vehicle, year of manufacture, version and province in which it circulates, and if this is Buenos Aires the age of the driver. In addition you must specify if your car has installed certain extra benefits such as compressed natural gas equipment or not. Once you complete the form, you will access the search results, which are nothing more or less than a list of coverage plans offered for your vehicle. In which the name of the entity that provides the service is highlighted, the coverage offered by the plan and the monthly amount that you would incur in case of insurance.

Generali Corporate Insurance

 The group Generali landing in Argentina in 1948, by adding to its network of companies Providencia SA a company with a long history in the local market. Today 50 years later Generali has an uninterrupted presence in our country, operating in all the patrimonial branches. International backing, solidity, physical presence in the country, highly trained professionals and a wide range of products specially designed for the local market are the characteristics that make Generali in Argentina a company with much to offer to each of its customers.

The insurance Generali Corporate are offered in three large groups, these are: for individuals, SMEs and large companies. Within the insurance offered for people, Generali offers coverage plans for your car (a tranquility to cross all roads), personal accidents (an essential protection), for the home (providing a different way to protect your family) and For pleasure boats (the safety to enjoy).

Within the auto insurance branch, we find the following coverage: Coverage A (consisting of basic coverage to cover), Coverage B (a product designed to cover total damages), Coverage C (full coverage against third parties), Coverage C PIU (ideal for those looking for a differential coverage), Coverage C Massima (the most complete coverage of the market) and finally Coverage D (designed for those who wish to be fully protected).

At the end of the day, we recommend that if you are in Argentina looking for Generali Corporate insurance, or some other insurance company, go to the Online Insurance Comparator and Comparator of the BestTrato.com where insuring your car is a very simple task. The steps are very simple, first enter the mentioned search engine, then, complete the form that is presented with your data and ready! You access the best coverage plans for your car in the country.

Generali Automotive Insurance

Among the large number of insurance companies that come to us with their offers and promotions, many times as consumers we are in a big way difficult to select the best insurance for our vehicle. And the issue is due to the difficulty of separating those good offers, those that only sell lies, trying to achieve the best price in their products, to the detriment of the quality of the coverage or services offered. From our site we encourage you to know the proposal Generali Insurance Automotive, as a very reliable and will surely meet all the expectations you have.

The insurer Generali Insurance Automotive, gives us the ability to have coverage no matter what kind of vehicle you have, as their plans reach almost all the public, and give us the possibility of having a variety of protections according to price We are willing to pay, of the risk aversion that we have. It will not be necessary in these cases to carry out multiple transactions in a variety of entities, since the insurer gives us the possibility to take out our insurance in an agile way, through the request of the same, and the approval of the technical review of our automotor, in case Of being the same used, we will find ourselves at the disposal of Generali Seguros, so that its insurance producers decide on the possibility of granting us a policy.

From the BestTrato.com, we invite you to enter our search engine and online insurance quote to find the best options to insure your vehicle, and quickly and without additional complications, to know the prices of the coverages, to have an objective data base Which allows you a better decision.

Generali Insurance Telephones

Generali Insurance offers a generous network of contacts so you can communicate with them by means their concerns, whether it is currently a customer, or want to learn more about their proposals in the field of insurance. They are dedicated to a wide variety of products to ensure all types of goods and contingencies. Its network of insurance producers is another contact option although in this case we should approach one of its multiple offices.

If you are in Buenos Aires, you can contact the headquarters of Generali Insurance to phone 4857-7942 or 4857-7946. If you are anywhere else in the country, you can call the toll-free number 0800-999-3003. In Buenos Aires, we have the agency of San Isidro in Avenida del Libertador 15485 to which we can contact through the phones 4732-0767 and 4732-0693. We will also be able to approach the agency of Escobar where we will also receive the most personalized attention and the most professional advice.

Should you be a third party with respect to the company that need to report an accident with an insured Generali Insurance, to proceed to the collection thereof, contact in the province of Buenos Aires in 4538-4200, in the Argentine Northwest at ( 0381) 4306750, in the area of Cuyo at (0261) 434-0346, in the city of Rosario at (0341) 5280560/71 and in the province of Córdoba at (0351) 426-3257.

In any case, if you already have phones that need Generali Insurance, we cordially invite you to enter the search engine of online insurance quotation elMejorTrato.com to find variety of ways to ensure your car, all types of coverage, And very competitive prices that this and other insurers are offering for the vehicle with which you count.

Generali Seguros in Córdoba

Generali Insurance is an insurance company that is serving in the country since 1948. They entered the insurance market by acquiring a company of Providence SA high popularity in Argentina at the time. The company based in the country has the backing of Generalli Italia, a company with more than 1810 years of experience and presence worldwide. Currently, they cover people, SMEs and large companies, insuring all kinds of accidents, from personal and automobile accidents, to life insurance and comprehensive insurance for commerce and industry.

This insurance company has its headquarters in Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires branches in the towns of San Isidro and Escobar. If you are in the province of Cordoba, and want to know a little more about the auto insurance offer that Generalli Seguros can offer you, any Producer or Insurance Advisor personally, helps you by contacting this company with you.

Enter to the Official Website of the Insurance Company to obtain the information sought on the coverages Generali Insurance and other insurers can offer in the province of Cordoba. In addition, you can find in our page the opinion that other customers users of this and other insurers have about the service they are receiving, so that when deciding, take hire the best insurance for you.

The process is simple, fast and has no cost whatsoever, so you can by this means obtain valuable information to protect your vehicle against any kind of accident. Given the variety of insurance that we find in today ‘s market, it is imperative to learn about options for companies like Generali Insurance , because although it does not have a strong presence in the media in the province of Cordoba, its services are worthy of Be considered.

Generali Seguros Argentina

Generali Group emerged in 1831 in Italy, protecting the Patrimony of Individuals and conducting their search for innovations in products and services to provide the best solutions. With the passage of time was conquering the market of other territories, until disembarking in our country in 1948, establishing himself as Generali Seguros Argentina where he specialized in granting Life Insurance Property and Premium.

The Company in question, has a wide variety of products that are quoted at prices accessible to all; but for you to get a better view of the benefits of this Aseguradora, we recommend using the Comparator and Cotizador Online Better Car Insurance, created by elMejorTrato.com . Through the Website, you will find the main Characteristics and Prices of Car Insurance offered by the different Insurers of the country.

Generali Seguros Argentina has international support, financial soundness and a Working professionally trained to advise each individual who wishes to engage the services of the company. Among the Coverage Plans we can find those who Support Civil Responsibility towards Third Parties (whether transported or not); Material damage to third parties and Total or Partial Coverage due to Robbery or Theft; We must take into account that the Plan we select must be adapted to the needs of each insured and the requirements of the vehicle being insured.

Advice for higher quality and prestige, Generali Insurance Argentina, brings us additional benefits to give greater category Auto Insurance; some of them:

  • Mechanical assistance service for the automobile, up to 150 Km of transfer
  • In the case of suffering a Total Loss, a self substitute will be granted for 7 days
  • Coverage of up to $ 20,000 for the driver, in case of personal accident
  • Replacement of side windows, windows, windshields, locks and keys of the automotive
  • If you insured your car 0 Km, and there is some sinister event, Generali Seguros Argentina will replace 100% of the 0 Km.

Do not forget that Generali Insurance Argentina opens its doors 365 days a year, 24 hours to assist you and listen; So do not hesitate to contact your Productores at (011) 4857-7942 / 7975. Or go to Casa Central located in Reconquista 458 – 3 ° Piso. Buenos Aires.

Generali Argentina Auto Insurance

Generali reaches Argentina in 1948 incorporating Providencia SA. Born in 1994 Generali Argentina providing international support, financial soundness, physical presence in the country, highly trained professionals and a wide range of products specially designed for the local market auto insurance .

Generali Argentina offers a wide range of products for automotive :

Coverage To:

  • Civil Liability to Third Parties Transported and Non-Transported, and Material Damage to Third Party Non-Transported Goods
  • Additional Benefits per plan: Vehicle assistance service, with no service limits per year and up to 150 kilometers of service transfer.

Coverage B:

  • Civil Liability for Transported and Non-Transported Third Parties, and material damages to Third Party Non-Transported goods:
  • Total Robbery
  • Total Fire
  • Total Damage (20% total destruction clause)
  • Additional Benefits per plan: Vehicle assistance service, with no service limits per year and up to 150 kilometers of service transfer.

Coverage C MASSIMA:

  • Civil Liability for Transported and Non-Transported Third Parties, and material damages to Third Party Non-Transported goods:
  • Total and Partial Theft
  • Total and Partial Fire
  • Total Damage (80% total destruction clause)
  • Additional benefits per plan:
    • Service of assistance to the vehicle, without service limits per year and up to 150 kilometers of transfer per service.
    • Personal accidents for the driver up to $ 20,000
    • Replacement of a zero kilometer in case of total loss
    • Coverage of partial damages under cover of total theft up to 10% of the sum insured of the vehicle and for vehicles with a seniority less than 5 years.
    • Self substitute for 7 days in case of total loss
    • Replacement of new covers for vehicles up to two years or up to 20,000 km (whichever is earlier)
    • Damage coverage to side windows, windscreens, rear window, locks and vehicle keys without annual limit
    • Coverage of hail up to a maximum of 20% of the insured sum of the vehicle
    • Management fees for total loss with a limit of $ 300

Contact of Generali Argentina, Cía de Seguros, SA

Contact us:

Central House:
Tel (5411) 4857-7900
FAX (5411) 4857-7946
Reconquista 458-3P. – CP C1003


Customer service:

Assistance service:

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