GAT Assurance

GAT Assurance

July 18, 1975 INSURANCE GAT was created in favor of a restructuring of the Tunisian market through the combination of two wills. One Tunisian and the other foreign. We are now a 100% Tunisian company and private capital.

For 40 years, the protection of persons and property in the long term is our business. Every day that passes, every action makes us grow and makes us worthy of the trust of our customers. We accompany relentlessly, customers, individuals, professionals or companies in risk management and life opportunities.

Today, we rank in the top three of the most powerful insurance players in Tunisia. Our corporate responsibility is a constant ambition vector. We affirm that the future is built at present, thanks to the mobilization of our teams, our values, our attitudes and our new business.

Products and services of GAT Assurance

  • GAT Life
  • GAT Property
  • GAT Investment
  • GAT Property Development

Contact of GAT Assurance


92 Avenue Hédi Chaker 1002 Tunis

Such. : (+216) 31 350 000/31 351 000

Fax: (+216) 31 350 350