Our story began in 1905 when a businessman in Pecs, Maximilian Engel Cserkúti the Lucerne station noticed that how easily catch fire on the platform consisting of a steam engine szikrájától suitcase. And sought the learned that the railway company pays for the damage only token compensation.

This gave me the idea to establish an insurance company, that travelers take baggage and emergency coverage faculties. Thus was born in 1907 in Hungary and European goods Podgyászbiztosító Rt., The world’s first specialized insurance company, the predecessor of the EUB.

The company later acquired a majority stake in the insurer Assicurazioni Generali, a portion of the shares of Münchener Rückversicherung, the world’s largest reinsurer’s been in his hands, and thus created the European Travel Insurance Europe-wide network of a few years.

After the Second World War and the nationalization of nearly four decades in the Hungarian activities of the insurance company, Generali started re-emergence of the traditional travel insurance sales only in 1989.

Just 90 years after the first foundation, was founded on 1 January 1997, the independent European Travel Insurance Plc., Which to this day is Hungary’s only exclusively specializes in travel insurance for insurers.

Product and Services of EUB

They provide insurance services such as accident insurance,health insurance,travel insurance etc.

Contact of EUB

1132 Budapest, Váci út 36-38.
Phone: 452-35-80
Fax: 452-33-12