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Mercantil Seguros CA

Mercantil Seguros CA Mercantil Seguros (formerly Central de Seguros), was born in December 1988, materializing the decision of the Mercantile Investor Consortium “CIMA” and Mercantil Banco Universal S.A.C.A. To expand the range of services offered to the community at that time, entering the insurance market. In 1998 it partners with Ætna, North America’s leading health insurer with more —-> Read Full Profile

Banesco Seguros, CA

Banesco Seguros, CA Banesco Seguros CA, registered in the Superintendency of Insurance under No. 109, was founded in 1993 with the main objective of adapting to the needs of the current times, offering quality of service, reliable financial support and effective responses to market requirements. The business concept that guides the performance of our human team reflects the —-> Read Full Profile

La Fe Previsora Compañia de Seguros SA

La Fe Previsora Compañia de Seguros SA FAITH, started business in 1924 as Burial Insurance Company with an initial capital of nine thousand pesetas. In these eighty-five years of life, FE has been able to adapt to the demands of an increasingly competitive market by diversifying its activity and developing a serious and effective business management policy. It —-> Read Full Profile

Zurich Seguros, SA

Zurich Seguros, SA Meeting the needs of our clients to provide them security and tranquility around the world offering them better solutions, during 136 years of experience, because to secure the future, is our true passion. Zurich Insurance Group is a financial services provider specializing in insurance with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America —-> Read Full Profile

Seguros Horizonte, SA

Seguros Horizonte, SA to be updated shortly Product and Services of Seguros Horizonte, SA to be updated shoon Contact of Seguros Horizonte, SA