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Insurance Companies in Lebanon


Commercial Insurance Co.(Lebanon) S.A.L

About Commercial Insurance Co.(Lebanon) S.A.L Commercial Insurance offers insurance services.It has proven its success through a sound financial track record and a visionary marketing approach. The company was the first to implement the 24-hour customer call center, Assistance Line Operator (ALO 03-511511), and continuously updates its services to be ahead of the market. Established in 1962 by late —-> Read Full Profile

Burgan Insurance Company s.a.l.

About Burgan Insurance Company s.a.l. BURGAN  INSURANCE  COMPANY   S.A.L. was established in Lebanon in 1983 under the name of Arab Life insurance s.a.l., and is registered in Beirut under CRB number 47525 & under number 200 in the Register of Insurance Companies, in March 2010 the name was changed to Burgan Insurance Company s.a.l. to reflect our new —-> Read Full Profile

Bancassurance SAL

About Bancassurance SAL Bancassurance, an associate company of Fransabank Group, was established in 1999 by Fransabank SAL and Crédit Agricole Assurances, the insurance company affiliated to Crédit Agricole – France. Bancassurance was, once again, ranked first in the bank-insurance market based on the volume of its portfolio and third in the life insurance market in Lebanon, as published —-> Read Full Profile

Arope Insurance S.A.L

About Arope Insurance S.A.L Leading insurance company in Lebanon, providing unique e-insurance services including online insurance quotes and purchase of policies, and offering online management of accounts and claiming of accidents. Established in 1974, AROPE has become one of Lebanon’s Major Players in the Insurance Industry. Since its Foundation 40 years ago, AROPE has maintained continuous Growth and Sustained —-> Read Full Profile

Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L

About Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L Product and Services Offered by Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L Contact Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L