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Insurance Companies in Lebanon


Al-Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance S.A.L (AMIRCO)

About Al-Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance S.A.L (AMIRCO) AL MASHREK insurance & reinsurance SAL is an   insurance company which provide insurance services. They strongly believes that the confidence of its customer is its most valuable asset, and shall strive to enhance its Customers’ Satisfaction and nurture this confidence by: – Creating a sense of belonging within its team so —-> Read Full Profile

Allianz SNA s.a.l.

About Allianz SNA s.a.l. Allianz SNA was founded in Lebanon in 1963 as SNA (Société Nationale d’Assurances) by local shareholders and has quickly expanded to cover the Lebanese territory as well as the regional market, offering all lines of insurance products to its clients. Today Allianz SNA is serving over 83 thousand customers in over 12 branches, through —-> Read Full Profile

Al-Bahriah Insurance & Reinsurance SAL

About Al-Bahriah Insurance & Reinsurance SAL Al-Bahriah Insurance & Reinsurance is a specialist marine Insurer that provides Hull & Machinery coverage for Owners and Managers of commercial ships operating in international trade. Established in 1987, Al-Bahriah has built a reputation on sound financial foundations and selective underwriting. Al-Bahriah enjoys a comprehensive reinsurance programme and a high quality claims —-> Read Full Profile

Al Ittihad Al watani S.A.L (L union Nationale)

 Al Ittihad Al watani S.A.L (L union Nationale) Al-Ittihad Al-Watani is dedicated to serving its clients and meeting their growing needs. Throughout the years, it has demonstrated its ability to provide everlasting security and to build long-term confidence quietly. Al-Ittihad Al-Watani (L’Union Nationale) General Insurance Company for the Near East s.a.l. is a pioneer in the Lebanese insurance —-> Read Full Profile

Al -Fajr Ins & Reins Co.S.A.L

About Al -Fajr Ins & Reins Co.S.A.L Product and Services Offered by Al -Fajr Ins & Reins Co.S.A.L ContactAl -Fajr Ins & Reins Co.S.A.L