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Insurance Companies in Hungary


MEHIB The Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Pte Ltd. (MEHIB) was established in 1994. The owner’s rights are exercised on behalf of the Hungarian State directly by the Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company Ltd. (25%+1 vote) and indirectly by the Hungarian Development Bank Ltd. (75%-1 vote) as a shareholder. The paid-in capital of the company is HUF 4.25 —-> Read Full Profile


POSTA BIZTOSITO The Postal Insurance Company -. Magyar Posta Zrt and Magyar Posta Insurance Life Insurance Company -.. Magyar Posta (33.1%) and Germany’s Talanx International AG (66.9%) common subsidiaries. Since the beginning of commercial operation (2003), the fastest growing insurance companies in Hungary, the Hungarian market. The success of the two companies Magyar Posta Zrt away with a —-> Read Full Profile


KOBE They are an insurance company located in Hungary. Product and Services of KOBE They provide insurance services. Contact of KOBE To be updated shortly.  


NN BIZTOSITO NN Group as a global company of 18, mainly European countries, is in insurance and investment service provider, but its products are available through regional centers in many other countries around the world, from Europe to the United States over the Middle East. The 170-year-old NN Group roots date back to the Netherlands where for decades —-> Read Full Profile


GROUPAMA GARANTIA Groupama Garancia Insurance Guarantee Insurance Co. and Groupama Insurance Company was created from the merger in 2009. The safeguards to ensure the foundation in 1987. Within a short time in 1992 OTP has purchased the shares of the other company owner and new name of the insurance company OTP Garancia Insurance Plc. was. Thanks to the —-> Read Full Profile