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Insurance Companies in Argentina

CESCE Argentina—Seguro de Crédito y Garantías, SA

CESCE Argentina—Seguro de Crédito y Garantías, SA If you trade, contract insurance with CESCE ARGENTINA and protect yourself from the risks that prevent the collection of your credits. CESCE ARGENTINA guarantees the collection of its domestic credit operations and exports. CESCE ARGENTINA, more than 40 years assuring the tranquility of the national and international trade operations of the —-> Read Full Profile

Caja de Seguros, SA

Caja de Seguros, SA Caja de Seguros SA Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. provides personal insurance policies covering home and property, healthcare, life insurance, and pensions. The company’s products include life, accident, disability, critical illnesses, and widow’s and orphans insurance products. The company sells to its customers through a network of savings and mutual banks throughout Spain. —-> Read Full Profile

Berkley International Argentina, SA

Berkley International Argentina, SA As an insurance company we were born in Rosario in 1908. We developed in parallel in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Tierra del Fuego. We project into the country, integrating and adapting to the regional economies of each location where we operate. We went from being a —-> Read Full Profile

Aseguradores de Cauciones, SA

Aseguradores de Cauciones, SA IGJ Custody is the product that INSURERS CAUCIONES offers producers and customers to meet the requirement of General Resolution 20/2004 and its amendments, the General Inspection of Justice. Said resolution requires Directors of Public Limited Companies and members of the administrative bodies of Limited Liability Companies and in Joint Stock, the constitution in favor —-> Read Full Profile

Aseguradora de Créditos y Garantías, SA (ACG)

Aseguradora de Créditos y Garantías, SA (ACG) Medellín, September 8, 2015. Suramericana SA, a subsidiary of Grupo SURA, specializing in the insurance and risk management sector, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of RSA Insurance Group plc in Latin America for GBP GBP 403 million, ie COP 1,910,750 million (USD 614 million) for 99.6% of the assets, —-> Read Full Profile