Allianz Zagreb d.d.

Allianz Zagreb d.d.

  Allianz Zagreb d.d. is a Croatian insurance company, part of the Alllianz Group. The company offers life and accident insurance, property insurance, vehicle and boat insurance and other types of non-life insurance services.

The Renewal Agenda makes customers the very top priority. Customer satisfaction is measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS): a score which measures customers’ willingness to recommend Allianz to friends and colleagues and which is already in use within the Allianz Group. In the future, the NPS will play a key role in the planning process across the Group and will have a direct bearing on variable remuneration.

The aim is for at least 75% of Allianz companies to outperform their competitors in terms of the NPS. By achieving this target, we will be able to attract an estimated five million new customers and generate additional annual premium income to the tune of 6.5 billion euros.

Allianz stands with over 85 millionpeople worldwide and has grown to
be one of the world’s largest insurers,investors, assistance services providers.

This enables us to protect our clientslocally, and on a global scale, by
offering a variety of products andservices to meet our customers’diverse needs.

Everyone who belongs to our financialcommunity benefits.

Products And Services By Allianz Zagreb d.d.

Private Insurance
On the road
House and home
Old age provision
Business Insurance
Large Corporations
Small and medium-sized companies
Credit Insurance
Asset Management
Fixed Income Products
Shares and Commodities
Multi Asset & Absolute Return
Global Lines
Corporate Assistance
Global Direct
Global Reinsurance
Global Life
Employee Benefits
Investment Management
Real Estate
Shared Services
Global Services and Assistance
Sustainable Solutions
Insurances & Services
Emerging Consumers (formerly Microinsurance)
Investment & other Products

Contact Allianz Zagreb d.d.

70 Heinzelova Str.
Zagreb; City of Zagreb; Map
Postal Code: 10000
Tel: (+385 1) 367
Fax: (+385 1) 367