AGRAM LIFE osiguranje d.d.

AGRAM LIFE osiguranje d.d.

Agram Life Insurance Company is a company registered for the performance of life insurance and health insurance and accident insurance. Founded in private equity in 1997 and is a wholly owned Croatian.

In 2016, the Company enters a richer portfolio of Sun voluntary health insurance for many years carried out through its own system Polyclinic Sun, which acquired Sun merger Insurance Inc.

In order to provide even more security and in one place, with the top health care and raise awareness of the culture better quality of life, we have taken an innovative step forward in the strategic business expanding its wide range of product quality insurance Accident and Sun program of voluntary health insurance.

The Company operates through five regions: Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Varazdin.

Thanks to quality management, with an innovative and proactive approach to business, the total assets of the Company in 2014 amounted to more than 1.7 billion. The Company is charged with 208 million life insurance premiums occupied a high position in the life insurance market and achieve a share of nearly 8% in 2014.

Our security and stability has been recognized by over 60,000 insured in 2014.

Conservative management in accordance with laws and regulations, AGRAM LIFE now has regulatory capital above HRK 337 million making it one of the leading life insurance companies in Croatia. Such additional guarantees financial security to our clients.

With annual revenues of 281 million and net profit in the amount of nearly 15 million before tax in 2014, by smart and investments, the Company is now one of the most successful financial insurance companies in the country.


Our tasks convert everyday risks lasting value and safety and the provision of quality health care in order to preserve the health and raise awareness about the culture better quality of life.


Being one of the leading companies in life and voluntary health insurance in the Republic of Croatia and its clients to provide financial security and care for the preservation of health, the stability of the business, innovation, professionalism and quality service.

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